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Hobby attempt: Cross-stitching

Finally, after many years of saying “I’d like to give cross-stitch a go”, I’ve completed a (tiny) cross-stitch!

I’ve been spurred on to start from seeing the nerdy and bookish ones people have been producing on Reddit – a particular favourite was one themed on The Sims (I just love that game for some reason, can’t get enough!). Its different from the old fashioned designs I can remember seeing when I was younger, I’d never thought that I could literally just make whatever patterns I’d like if I got good enough at it! In my mind I’m thinking – that’s not that difficult to do surely? I COULD do my own designs! And dreaming away different things I’d love to try and make.

Abakhan – a shop I normally visit in North Wales that specialises in textiles and creative crafts – has recently opened up in Shrewsbury, and while I visited the town a few days ago I picked up a little miniature Cross-stitch kit. I definitely had no excuse for not giving it a try anymore.

Well… It wasn’t the greatest result, my backstitch definitely needs work, but I’m quite pleased with my efforts considering this is a first for me. This one, with being so small, took me just a few hours to do and it was just so soothing – maybe more than I anticipated – to complete. I also really enjoyed watching the design take shape.

I’m already diving into another kit, this time a more complex one for a bookmark (of course!).

Are there any hobbies you’ve been re-inspired to pick up? Have you done any cross-stitching and have any recommendations or tips? Leave a comment!


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Books and food enthusiast. I discovered a love for reading in my late teens, so you’ll see me catching up on older series quite often. I also love to travel around the UK, where I live, and picking up some crafty hobbies – I hope to share snippets of this amongst all the book content. Other interests include gaming, podcasts, drinking too much tea, and trying to personify autumn.

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