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📚 REVIEW | The Kicking Tree – Trevor Stubbs

Jack kicked out at the bush by his front gate as he had done every day since he was eight. It was a habit he had indulged in for the last nine years. He had no idea what the variety of bush or tree it was – he simply called it his “kicking tree”

– Trevor Stubs, The Kicking Tree

This book is centred around two main characters: Jallaxanya, or Jalli for short, from a planet called Raika in the Andromeda Galaxy; and Jack from England, Planet Earth. Although I picked up this book believing it to be Sci-Fi (which I do not read much of and was looking forward to) / Fantasy, the main theme is one of religion – there isn’t a whole lot of Sci-Fi to it, and I guess the Fantasy aspect comes to it from the world travelling.

Both characters find themselves in similar circumstances, for completely different reasons, at the beginning of the story. Each only has the one family member in their lives from a similar age and have grown up to be totally different people – Jalli is a strong independent young lady who is very religious and wants to continue her education, not marry like the others girls of her age. Jack is angsty and takes his frustrations out on his “kicking tree” that grows in his front garden, not overly religious, and doesn’t understand why his mother does not do more. They’re both at the end of Secondary education, and reflecting on what their next steps should be. Queue the white gates.

They’re the only people who can see these gates that appear one day, and through them they find a cottage and each other. The ‘Owner’ who they believe to be God sends them on various adventures where they grow as people – reflecting on what it is to be a good person, and how actions can impact the lives of others and the world around them.

Now, this book is heart-warming at times and does make you think about what you do; there are such simple changes to how Jack acts and the careful and considerate things that Jalli does, that you could do yourself to help make the world a better place. The pacing is slow but it suits it and it was nice to read, not a labour. But I don’t like that the religion is all Christian based (considering she is from another planet…) and not a thing questioned, until very briefly they question their faith, but VERY briefly. I know a lot of religion in my experience has been based on blind belief, but it just doesn’t sit well with me how OK literally everyone is with it all in this story. I also did not expect to find, trigger warning here as well people, a rape.

All in all, this was not my cup of tea. I think there are a lot of people out there that would enjoy this though.

I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley.



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