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🍴REVIEW | The Red Lion – Ellesmere

Set in the lovely town of Ellesmere in Shropshire, this country pub offers in my opinion some of the best proper pub grub around!

I’m not going to lie, I have loved this pub for years, so I could be a little biased. But the staff are always friendly and accommodating and the food is always lovely – its also only a short walk from the mere to walk off all the food afterwards. To top it off, it’s cheap too!

Now I’ve not been a for a while, eating out less saving for a house and all that, but this week I’ve made two trips.

Both times I had a sizzler – I can never resist the korma one they offer, you’d think the creamy curry wouldn’t work well but it is amazing! You build your own plate with the sizzlers; choosing your meat and sauce which is served on a bed of onions and peppers on the skillet, and your side. I opted for chicken, korma sauce, and a side of homemade chips.

The chicken is grilled breast cut into slices and they are by no means skimpy with the amount of meat. There’s a decent amount of sauce over the top; I have found on the odd occasion in the past that the sauce evaporated a bit too much not leaving you with much, but it was perfect this time. The onions that were against the skillet caramelised a little which was so good.

I must admit, the chips were nice, but I preferred the old style they used to serve. Although they were possibly frozen chips in the past, I missed the crispiness with the fluffy inside that they had. The new homemade chips are tasty though! They just lacked the texture I love in a chip. That being said – on my second trip, they were fluffier!

Definitely recommend this place to eat!


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