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📚 ARC REVIEW | Vivatera – Candace J Thomas

 Release Date: April 14th 2019
Publisher: Shadesilk Press
Genre: Fantasy. Young Adult
Page Count: 235
Goodreads Page
Rating: ★★★☆☆

This book just dives straight in – I love that, rather than slowly building up the info needed. However, it then feels like it fails to ever make the information fully complete – there isn’t a whole lot of explanation that goes on, but I suppose that could be seen as reflective of the main character’s, Naomi, lack of knowledge of both her past and the magic she possesses.

The writing is atmospheric, and I love how the dream sequences are written. But the characters themselves don’t seem to be very fleshed out – for example the love interest just is that, the love interest. There’s no build up to it – Naomi sees him and decides yep, that’s it, we cannot be parted now, he is my one. The others are also just kind of there, we get glimpses of their dynamic but it’s mainly all about Naomi and how they love her. There’s nothing much of their history or their personalities without Naomi – who can do no wrong, is very trusting, and feels like her head is just in the clouds all the time.

The premise and actual story line is interesting, and the world sounds like it is full of lots of magical and mysterious things. But as I say, I just feel like I needed more – to delve deeper and get further fleshing out of it.

I’m interested to read more of the series, with the hope of finding some answers and to see where Naomi and her friends go.

Thank you to NetGalley and Shadesilk Press for providing me a free ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.


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