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📚 REVIEW | Northanger Abbey – Jane Austen

If you haven’t read this book – I guess you consider the following spoilery. You have been warned!

I read this as a buddy read with a small group of people on bookstagram, and also for one of my NEWTs prompts.

I adored this book even more second time around. Although Catherine is a bit airy-fairy, I absolutely love her – especially with her obsession for Gothic Novels!

It feels like Austen really pokes at the society she was part of. Some of the characters feel exaggerated in their personalities, but I really love that about it. And I know I’ve literally just said they’re exaggerated, but these characters also feel more real – and far more relatable. I also love Austen jumping in as the narrator, to do away with extenous information and a whole lot of backstory we do not need.

We have two halves to this novel, with very different feels. The first Catherine is visiting Bath for the first time – going to dances, The Pump Room (a sort of social meeting place in the day), and hanging around with the Thorpes. I have to say I really do not like the Thorpes – they are shallow and money grabbing; just looking to further themselves in society.

The second is at Northanger Abbey with the Tilneys. Here we feel like Catherine has stepped into one her novels she loves so dearly – her imagination fuelled my Henry upon her arrival. I found this half of the book far more enjoyable.

I think I need some gothic literature in my life, and Catherine has certainly convinced me I should try and read Udolpho!

Release Date: April 2003 (first in 1818)
Publisher: Penguin Classics
Genre: Classics, Romance
Page Count: 320
Goodreads Page
Rating: ★★★★★


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