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REVIEW | The Guinevere Deception – Kiersten White

3 stars. I struggled with this book.

There’s a lot that just doesn’t feel all that relevant (although this is a series, so it could be later I suppose), and nothing happens until the very end. The rest of the book is a little bland feeling… But I didn’t hate it, and I still enjoyed parts. The empowered women missed the mark a little for me, and the story was very predictable – I think some great reveals (even tweaked things to the story) were not so for me.

I love Arthurian Legends, and living where I do it also feels a bit close to my heart – the old Iron Age fort in my town is associated with Guinevere’s birthplace. And yes I know that there are probably a lot of places claiming this, and yes she may (probably) have not existed, but it means I grew up surrounded by the tales. I guess had an unconscious expectation (as I came in blind to this books, I hate getting caught up in the hype as I never enjoy a book as much), and I just feel this book didn’t hit it for me.

That said, I may pick up the subsequent books eventually as I enjoyed the ending – and I’d like to know where it leads in this version.


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