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REVIEW | The Starless Sea – Erin Morgenstern

Not all stories speak to all listeners, but all listeners can find a story that does, somewhere, sometime. In form form or another.

This story spoke to me. Books within books, hidden libraries, people out of time, a romanticism to the story, and Zelda references!! Honestly, this book even made the gamer in me exceptionally happy.

The Starless Sea reads like a love letter to storytelling, with stories hidden in other stories hidden in other stories – all playing out over the course of the book. I imagine if you tried listening to this book you’d be left extremely confused with how it slips in and out of different tales, all interwoven with each other. There’s adventure, and mystery, and romance. Destiny, fate, and fairytale. Losing and finding.

Reading this book was like unfurling the pages of something I didn’t know I was missing until I had it. I got completely lost to the stories while I was reading – not something that happens often to me. Sounds didn’t disrupt me, I completely ignored my partner while he talked to me, I was completely within my own cocoon. I felt like what Zachary was experiencing with his found book, I was experiencing to some degree with The Starless Sea.

When the story was over I just continued to sit where I was, feeling completely at a loss about what I was meant to do now. Book hangovers are most definitely a thing people. I’m already looking forward to the next time I open up the pages of this world.



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