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REVIEW | A Heart So Fierce and Broken – Brigid Kemmerer

“Choices are never easy. There are good and bad options, but the most dangerous is to not make any choice at all.”

I’d heard mixed reviews about this book – I’m not sure if I just lowered my expectations, but I loved this continuation of the story. We do move on to newer characters, and at first, I was a bit upset about this. But you know what – I fell in love with these new ones, perhaps more than Harper and Rhen. One of my sticking points with the first was that I wanted a bit more from the characters – I think A Heart So Fierce and Broken did deliver this for me.

“Ah yes, the most dangerous person at the party is always the girl sitting alone with a book.”

I wasn’t sure I was going to feel that strongly toward Lia Mara – she is one of the new viewpoints we follow from in this part of the story. But I love her so much! She loves books, she’s caring, unflinching, and level headed. I thought I’d miss Harper’s view, but I think I liked Lia a bit more.

And that end! By heck do I need to know what is going to happen next!!!

Format: paperback

Rating: 5 stars


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