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REVIEW | King of Thorns – Mark Lawrence

A dark time comes.

My time.

If it offends you.

Stop me.

Over this book, the second in a trilogy, we see Jorg grow a little. Sure his choices are still selfish at heart, but he does do some little acts of good for others. And you can never call him stupid – I adore the twists an turns as he outwits his enemies. Despite his character, you can’t help but root for him.

Again there are multiple timelines interwoven to create the narrative – culminating with Jorg’s capital being laid seige.

I loved seeing the snippets of Katherine’s journal peppered throughout the tale. And the way all the different timelines come together to bring us the end is beautifully, and masterfully done.

There’s a lot of stuff to trigger warn against, but I will mention there is a powerful scene with animal torture. It’s there for a reason – but it is utterly heartbreaking to read.



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