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MINI REVIEW | Heartstopper Vol 1 – Alice Oseman & Over The Top – JVN

Two mini reviews today! I finished these books for the Magical All Nighter hosted by Book Roast for the O.W.L.s Readathon.

Heartstopper Volume 1 – Alice Oseman

This is such a cute book! And I didn’t realise it was set in England – the Britishness was amazing!!! I’m so used to reading secondary school as it is in America. Also, why was I a noob and only bought Volume 1? The second is now out of stock *crying* and I REALLY need it now.

If you haven’t read this, what are you doing? You need this wholesome cuteness in your life. And I binged it in like half an hour – what have you got to lose?


Over The Top – Jonathan Van Ness

Just because we mess up doesn’t mean all the lessons we learned are undone. Healing can be imperfect.

Oh, my poor sweet cinnamon roll. I think I’ve come out of this loving you even more.

JVN’s voice comes through so strongly in this book. It’s heartbreaking, unfiltered, and I did cry at the end.

I’m not going to review this beside a rating, as its an autobiography and I would feel uncomfortable doing that, and two I feel its a bit rude to look critically at something that is someone’s life. But just know that I although I can’t say I loved this book (that would be weird with the content) it is something I am so happy I read.



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