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REVIEW | Talon – Julie Kagawa

I listened to this for free on Audible Stories – and I’m kinda glad it was free, even if it did get me through some slow workdays.

It felt like a stereotype of YA novels. A typical girl meets boy and then girl meets boy oh so different. Girl can’t choose between creepy or conflicted boy. Girl also doesn’t want to be part of the community she was raised in, which is actually a crappy place to be. Girl also happens to have an inner dragon this time – an actual dragon. I wasn’t big on the dragon being described as a separate entity to the human version of them, are they two different beings in the same transforming body then? I just got vibes of women in romance novels talking about their inner goddesses etc. etc. and so it added a bit of a sour taste for me. That’s not the fault of the book though.

Although I didn’t really feel this story, maybe when I was younger I would have. I’m interested to see what Kagawa’s other books are like though, as, from a quick scroll through some of the reviews, a lot of people loved her other works but didn’t seem to like this one so much.



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