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REVIEW | Throne of Glass – Sarah J Mass

“We all bear scars,… Mine just happen to be more visible than most.”

Depending on how much you know of the series, this could be slightly spoilery for the series, as I mention how I feel about characters with later parts of the series in mind.

So I’m reading this for the second time. I never finished the series the first time, I got to Tower of Dawn and just couldn’t get into it. When I first read this book five years ago, I wasn’t overly enamoured – I remember finding Celaena a bit bratty and immature, and I felt like there were teases but not a whole lot happening.

There’s a tournament that doesn’t get a lot of coverage, a mystery that’s not really that mysterious, and, one of my most hated tropes, the formations of a love triangle. I did adore the next in the series when I gave it a go though after – as so many people loved the series I gave it another chance – but Throne of Glass didn’t do it for me.

This time – I don’t know if its I can spot all the foreshadowing and know what’s coming, or that I just needed something like this in the midst of the pandemic – I loved this book! My heart still aches for Dorian. I still like Chaol – as I remember growing to not like him so much, I think that was part of my problem with Tower of Dawn. I adored Nehemia last time, but I feel like I kept my distance a bit with her. And Celaena came off better to me this time.

I couldn’t put this book down, it wasn’t even meant to be on my TBR this month. I decided maybe it was time to restart and finish the series on a whim when I found it was available to rent on my libraries ebook app – I’d lost my paperback sometime after attempting to give it my sister.

I’m possibly overrating this book right now – but I’m just blown away by how differently I feel about it upon rereading. I still, at this point, prefer the ACOTAR series though.



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