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REVIEW | They Both Die At The End – Adam Silvera

“I wasted all those yesterdays and am completely out of tomorrows.”

The concept of this book is fantastic, if unnerving.

After midnight, Death-Cast phone people who they have predicted will die today to let them know, so they can say their goodbyes and get anything they wanted to do done – and they’re never wrong. I can’t even think what I’d do with my last day if I knew it – but in this world, there’s experience centres, exclusive bars, and an app that helps you find your “last friend” to spend the day with if you’re alone to help you along.

Mateo and Rufus get the call the same day, and we follow these two very different people as they navigate their final day together, after finding each other on Last Friend. This story was so beautiful to listen to – how they blossom as people and the sad tragedy of it all. I also loved the interwoven snippets of some other minor characters.

Sure there’s stuff to probably pick at, such as there isn’t any explanation of how Death-Cast came about (this is set in 2017 if I remember right) or other world-building etc. – but I’m looking at this book as just a snapshot, it does take place over one day after all, so it doesn’t really bother me. I’ll take it as it comes.

This is my first book by Silvera, and I’m definitely interested in reading some more!



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