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REVIEW | A Discovery of Witches – Deborah Harkness

It begins with absence and desire.

It begins with blood and fear.

It begins with a discovery of witches.

Oooh, OK.

So I watched the TV series before reading this book, but it has been a while. The TV show felt like it had been done so well, it kind of put me off reading it – although I have owned this book far, far longer, for at least 8 years. But oh my was this good!

The mix of history, magic, and science was perfection to me. Science and history being my favourite subjects! And who can ever resist a good story about magic eh? And the characters and types of beings are mapped out so well. There isn’t a single two-dimensional character, despite how briefly we may meet them.

Some of the interactions just felt weird to me however – lowering this to a four. Things like the whole “you just met me, I’m the big bad guy, let’s go do yoga together but I’m not telling you where” just felt bizarre. But it also brought some normal-ish interaction to the story, so I guess I also like that its there in a way? It’s a weird one for me.

I can’t wait to see how this pans out, and the next leg of Diana and Matthew’s journey is most certainly going to have me hooked! The location is one of my favourites, and I really don’t read enough books set there.



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