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REVIEW | Half A Soul – Olivia Atwater

“It may be true that you only have half a soul, Dora,”

“But that does not make you half a person.”

I absolutely adored this story and I cannot wait for more! It was like Jane Austen combined with The Invisible Library, and I could not put it down in the slightest.

The setting of Regency England is, of course, beautiful – I love this kind of backdrop. There are balls, gossip, intrigue. And then we have the magical component added in as our main character, Dora, has had half her soul stolen as a child by Lord Hollowvale of faerie. This story also has an element of a mystery to it – as Dora finds herself with a victim of a strange sleeping plague that she and the others try to unravel.

I adored all the characters, even those I didn’t like. The world is so fleshed out – maybe partly due to its familiarly to me – and not a single character felt flat, whether they were written to be likeable or not. I am so sad to leave them behind! I can’t wait to see what Atwater does next.

Thank you to Book Sirens for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review



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