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REVIEW | Empire of Gold – S.A. Chakraborty

OK, this series is catapulted to one of my favourites. It’s been a joy and a breeze to read, despite its size. And that ending was amazing, if not bittersweet for me – I cried a lot! Although the end didn’t surprise me, it wasn’t quite how I wanted it to go*

I love the growth that the characters all experienced in this one – we saw different sides to everyone. But Dara’s arc is my favourite, and it broke my heart. I both loved his chapters and despaired over them. I only wish we had more, and maybe a few other POVs – I think Muntadhir would have been really interesting!

I must admit, I struggled with the first part of the book – but with all the emotions I went through, it still gets five stars from me. And now I will mourn that there is no more.



* Mainly Dara’s end, but I get it. I really wanted it to be him and Nahri though – Ali is more like a brotherly affection, a little weird the direction it’s going/went for me.


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