REVIEW | Of Honey and Wildfires – Sarah Chorn

This was such a breath of fresh air. Not an overly happy one, as the storyline is not light, but I loved the way the world was built up. We follow along as the wild-west develops with a Victorian sense of industry, little mysteries are peppered in amongst the tale, and there is a strong … Continue reading REVIEW | Of Honey and Wildfires – Sarah Chorn


REVIEW | Gothikana – RuNyx

THIS. BOOK! Ok, completely different from what I've read before for the most part, but I freaking adored it. It was so dark, and the relationship felt sinister and bully-ish at times - but it suited the tone of the book impeccably and I ate that right up, and I don't even like insta-love so … Continue reading REVIEW | Gothikana – RuNyx

REVIEW | The Bone Ships – R.J. Barker

"Come to me!" she shouted to those on the sea. "Come and die at the hand of Lucky Meas and her crew!" Ok. This is a strong contender for a new favourite book right now!!! I absolutely adored this story, and the characters we meet are all close to my heart already. To think of … Continue reading REVIEW | The Bone Ships – R.J. Barker

The Bookwanderers Summer Readathon πŸŒŒ

Hello there! Today I'm setting down my TBR (which, knowing me will change by the end - as I am one of the biggest mood readers out there haha!) for The Bookwanderers Summer Readathon. It is taking place from 1st June until the end of August, and is hosted on Goodreads and Instagram by the … Continue reading The Bookwanderers Summer Readathon πŸŒŒ

Bevvies & Bookclub June Pick

Hello! This month I'm teaming up with LadetteM, Bookish Dani, and LizzieIsElf and we've created Bevvies and Bookclub! 🍹 Each month we'll pick a drink and pair it with a reading prompt - setting a discussion for the last Sunday of the month, where there will be a live YouTube where we can hang out, … Continue reading Bevvies & Bookclub June Pick

REVIEW | Gods, Titans and Monsters – Michele Amitrani

A wonderful bind-up of three short stories inspired by Greek Mythology. I'll leave a short review of each story. Soul of Stone I absolutely loved this take on Medusa's tale - that from my limited knowledge is both faithful to her myth, but also fleshes her out and brings the humanity back to her tale. … Continue reading REVIEW | Gods, Titans and Monsters – Michele Amitrani