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REVIEW | Gods, Titans and Monsters – Michele Amitrani

A wonderful bind-up of three short stories inspired by Greek Mythology. I’ll leave a short review of each story.

Soul of Stone

I absolutely loved this take on Medusa’s tale – that from my limited knowledge is both faithful to her myth, but also fleshes her out and brings the humanity back to her tale. It’s short so gets straight to it, and really packs a punch – and I always love a narrated story. I feel there’s a lot more to explore, and I would adore a revisit to these characters.

Bringer of Fire

Delving into Prometheus’s tale hundreds, maybe thousands, of years since Zeus dished out his punishment. I loved the gentle unfolding of friendship and seeing a god who doesn’t care for the petty squabbles and all the rest that usually come with the greek gods. Again, the feeling of the titan having an air of humanity, as with Medusa’s tale, was marvelous – especially considering how closely linked Prometheus’s tale is to humankind. This one is the longest of the three I think and wraps up rather nicely.

Muse of Avalon

A bit of a change of scenery, and the shortest in the collection, the Muse of Avalon starts with the falling of the gods as Calliope flees with her sisters to the land of Albion. I loved having this crossover of legends, and seeing characters I’m more familiar with, being from Britain myself. I hope to see more in this story one day, and how/if Calliope would fall into the greater legend of Arthur.

Altogether this is is definitely a group of stories I would recommend, and I can’t wait to read more by Michele.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


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