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bevvies and bookclub // august

Hello! I’ve teamed up with LadetteM, Bookish Dani, and LizzieIsElf and we’ve created Bevvies and Bookclub! 🍹

Each month we’ll pick a drink and pair it with a reading prompt – setting a discussion for the last Sunday of the month, where there will be a live YouTube where we can hang out, sip, and chat about the books we read.

You can find our tracker here 👈 Please only amend your own entries

And if you want to submit any suggestions, for prompts or books for the prompts, fill in a form here 👈 and it’ll drop them all in one place.

August’s Prompts

Now… this does feel pretty autumnal for august, but I can’t make September and I was so excited for this one, so we’ve swapped it around (my co-hosts are the best!). Plus, I will take all the autumnal vibes I can get!

Drink: Campfire Sling

Reading Prompt: Found Family
Read a book that features found family, or gives you found family vibes.

Discussion Date: 29th August
Dani will be hosting the live on youtube, time TBD

My Choice

I’ve chosen to read Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.

I’ve never read this series – I hated reading as a kid so I skipped all the middle grades and I am making up for it now.

As I write this I am still reading the book, but I don’t have a whole lot left. Admittedly, this one doesn’t give found family strongly – but I do feel the budding relationships of one and I cannot wait to continue on with the series and watch it, hopefully, develop!

What book would you pick? Let me know!


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Books and food enthusiast. I discovered a love for reading in my late teens, so you’ll see me catching up on older series quite often. I also love to travel around the UK, where I live, and picking up some crafty hobbies – I hope to share snippets of this amongst all the book content. Other interests include gaming, podcasts, drinking too much tea, and trying to personify autumn.

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