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august wrap up and september tbr

Well, my wrap-up is going to be rather small. I don’t know about you, but my reading takes a dive some seasons and summer is one of them – I’ve been slumping so much! And I had plans going into the month too… I’m posting a day early, as lets be honest, I won’t read anything else at this point this month.

august books

books finished

◍ white trash warlock – david r. slayton // 🎧 // ★★★★

◍ percy jackson and the lightning thief – rick riordan // 📖 // ★★★★

books dnf’d

Now these weren’t dnf’d as in abandoned, they’re just all the ones I started and didn’t get to finishing this month… boo to slumps!

◍ call of the bone ships – r.j. barker // 📱

◍ ace of shades – amanda foody // 🎧

◍ the green witch – arin murphy-hiscock // 📖

◍ eight detectives – alex parvesi // 📖

◍ poison study – maria v. snyder // 📱

september tbr

readathons and book clubs

magical readathon: the novice path // running for the month of September, I’ll do a separate post of what I’ll be reading for the prompts

gothtober 2020 // I’m completing last years ahead of this years round in october – I’ve done my best to match the books I’ll be reading to the magical readathons

feast on your tbr // hosted on instagram by myself, group book is the atlas six by olivie blake

bevvies and bookclub // prompt for september is organised crime, live stream 26th september although I won’t be making the stream personally but I will be picking up the godfather by mario puzo

the bookwanderers // autumn readathon starts and will run until the end of november, I can’t wait to see the theme!

the bloody blades // closed bookclub, currently reading the grey bastards


6 responses to “august wrap up and september tbr”

  1. Ahhh love to see Percy Jackson on wrap ups still! Sorry about the reading slump though ):

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve never read them and have planned to for so long! I really enjoyed it and can’t wait carry on with the series 😍 and thanks – hopefully the magical readathon will pull me out, I’m so excited to start!


  2. omg omg, i hadn’t heard about the new Magical Readathon! I am so so excited

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same!!! I can’t wait!! And I hope you enjoy! Glad I could be of service 😂🖤


  3. great wrap up! it looks like you had a successful reading month. good luck with your september tbr

    Liked by 1 person

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