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Middle-Earth-a-Thon Announcement // Team Hobbit Prompts 🌿

Hello there my fellow hobbits, elves, dwarves, witch kings, and men!

I am so excited to be announcing a week-long readathon, set in the LotR world – MiddleEarth-a-Thon! It will take place from Friday 26th August to Friday 2nd September.

We’ll have livestreams with reading sprints, a quiz, and twitter takeovers by each of the hosts throughout the week. There will also be a tracker where we can all record the books we’ve read – and although we’re not making it a competition between the teams, you will also be able to view the stats (if you’re into that like me ahaha, I am a total nerd) on our central tracker, that will also have all the details of the readathon.

The marvellous Lizzie @LizzieIsElf is our glorious leader and creator of the readathon and will oversee the whole of the readathon as Tom Bombadil. There are five teams to choose from:

Team Dwarf, led by Abi @AbiOfPellinor

Team Elf, led by Imena @ImenaGinac

Team Hobbit, led by myself, Hannah @TheBookwormsFeast

Team Men, led by Dani @BookishDani

Team Witch King, led by Hannah @LadetteM

You can tell us which team you’ve joined here.

As the leader of Team Hobbit, I have the honour of telling you all about our prompts and special power below – I’ll also link to the other teams’ announcement videos so you can check out their prompts.

Team Hobbit Power and Prompts

As a Hobbit, you have the power to read one book for all three prompts – and our prompts are:

Big shoes to fill // A book endorsed by an author you like

You know those comments on the front or back of books – sometimes on the inside of the dust jacket. Well, if there is one by an author you enjoy, it counts!

Second breakfast // Something edible depicted on the cover

So long as you’d eat or drink it, it counts! A little later on, I will have some recommendations for books with food or drink on the cover to help out.

Discovered treasure // A new to me author

Read a book by an author you’ve not read before.

Other Teams Announcement Videos

🧙‍♂️ MiddleEarthAThon creator, Lizzie’s @LizzieIsElf video

You can find the other teams’ announcements below:

⛏️Team Dwarf, led by Abi @AbiOfPellinor

👑Team Elf, led by Imena @ImenaGinac

🗡️Team Men, led by Dani @BookishDani

👁️Team Witch King, led by Hannah @LadetteM

I’ve also finally branched into YouTube, here is my announcement video (it is full of nervous laughter and some badly edited out “ums”, and copious fidgeting – but it’s a start!)

I hope you’re as excited as I am – I am finally going to read the Lord of the Rings trilogy, especially in preparation haha! I adored The Hobbit.

Have you read any good books with food or drink on the cover, that you think I should include in my recommendations?


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