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May Wrap-Up 🌸 A rather chill one

Hello there!


I haven’t read a lot this month – I’ve been in rather a bit of a slump… And I know I don’t need to read all the time, after how much I read in April it makes me rather sad, as I enjoyed it so much! But, I decided last month that I may try and do a wrap up of the month in general, not just books, as I adore Morgan @MorganIsReadingAgain‘s wrap up posts that include all kinds of content. Please make sure you go and give them a follow!

books finished

◍ The Monsters of Rookhaven – Pádraig Kenny // 📖 // ★★★★

◍ xoxo – Axie Oh // 🎧 // ★★★★

◍ The Name of the Wind – Patrick Rothfuss // 🎧 // ★★★★★

books dnf’d

◍ Three Women – Lisa Taddeo // just ran out of month

◍ Incense and Sensibility – Sonali Dev // I need to stop audiobooking when working on things other than reports, I remember so little I want to reread it/can’t really say I did read it

NEXT MONTH // readathons and book clubs I’m participating in

◍ bevvies and bookclub // prompt for June is drink a Vodka Sunset and read an LGBTQ standalone

◍ the bookwanderers // run by Celine @ StuffCelineDoes // a new readathon that’s yet to be announced is starting and I cannot wait to see it! I’ve loved all that Celine has done so far

◍ the bloody blades // closed bookclub, currently reading Gideon the Ninth, will I actually finish it at long last haha

OTHER ITEMS // middle-earth-a-thon [aug]

I announced, along with the other co-hosts and wonderful host Lizzie, that we’re running MiddleEarth-a-Thon the last week of August! I am so so excited about it and you can find my team prompts here #TeamHobbit

Also, this was my first ever YouTube video! Eek! So if you fancied showing it some love, I’d be eternally grateful. I’m not looking to “make it” in YouTube, but if it helped sustain by book buying at all down the line it would be incredible. I’m more in it to learn some new skills and just improve my confidence a bit – as I swear I have social anxiety, but hopefully, this will help me put myself out there more.

During the first half of May – I got out and about most weekends and it was so wonderful! I had created a habit of going for a walk around somewhere historical, taking in the grounds and the sights and the history, and then chilling at the cafe with a tea and a sausage roll (I’ve decided The National Trust do the best sausage rolls, they’re really peppery). Unfortunately, I haven’t been so good at doing that at the tail end of May, but hopefully, I’ll get back in the groove again!

Film and TV-wise, I’ve completely binged Bones – and by binged, I only started it as easter and I’m already on the final season (there are twelve and each have like 20 odd episodes – should I be proud or concerned? haha). But I’ve really enjoyed the series, even if it gets a little absurd about the midway point.

I’ve started re-watching Parks and Recreation, I feel like it is a bit of a comfort show for me. It’s always a pleasure to watch – and not many shows have the privilege of being rewatched by me to be fair (I seem to mostly be a one and done kind of gal).

I also finally finished season two of The Magnus Archives podcast. I love the turn it’s taken, and am so sad that I know the podcast is also finished – so there is an end to it I will eventually reach.

One of the bigger disappointments of the month was unfortunately Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. If you want to go in with no opinions or spoilers (although I hate them too so will keep it vague), skip the rest of this paragraph. I had such high hopes for this film, Doctor Strange has consistently been one of my favourites for the franchise – but it just missed the mark for me. The special effects weren’t up to the previous standard of the MCU films, and it also felt like it didn’t know what it wanted to be. I adored the horror aspects of the film, and wish they’d leaned more into it – but then I think other bits became rather cringe as they reached for the 12A rating it got in the UK and didn’t match well together in my opinion. I also hated how it wrapped up all of a sudden – one small tiny weeny motivational speech was just the ticket apparently.

What was your favourite read of May – did you do everything you wanted to?


2 responses to “May Wrap-Up 🌸 A rather chill one”

  1. I loved reading your wrap-up! And the amazing places you visited! 😍 Binging TV shows is a skill, so be proud, I say. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 🥰 And thanks, I will be

      Liked by 1 person

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