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June & July Wrap-Up ✍️ Getting back to it

Hello there!

June and July turned into rather weird months for me. Far from my usual routines, not the least stressful, and with some bad news (that felt like it just kept on coming)… I ended up taking a step back from everything, without really realising it until it had already been while. But enough about all that – things are on the up now. I hope you’ve had a better couple of months than me.

books finished

◍ Legends and Lattes – Travis Baldree // 📱 // ★★★★★

◍ Certain Dark Things – M.J. Pack // 🎧 // ★★★

◍ The Maid – Nita Prose // 🎧 // ★★☆

◍ Feast of Sparks – Sierra Simone // 📱 // ★★★★

◍ The Lost Village – Camilla Stern // 🎧 // ★★★★

◍ Sleep No More – P.D. James // 🎧 // ★★★★

◍ Sapiens – A Brief History of Mankind // 🎧 // ★★★★

books dnf’d

I think the list is long this month, so I’m just going to leave it.

NEXT MONTH // readathons and book clubs I’m participating in

◍ Orilium, of course! I posted my TBR here

the bookwanderers // run by Celine @ StuffCelineDoes // august is the final month of the summer readathon, and I am hoping to cram a few books in.

the bloody blades // closed bookclub, in august we’re starting scourge the betrayer

middle-earth-a-thon [last week of Aug]

I announced, along with the other co-hosts and wonderful host Lizzie, that we’re running MiddleEarth-a-Thon the last week of August! I am so so excited about it and you can find my team prompts here #TeamHobbit

I’ve also released a recommendations video for the prompt second breakfast – you can watch that here.

During the first half of June – I was still fairly active. I got out for some wonderful walks, and found a local nature reserve I didn’t know about. I really must go back – it was wonderful to sit in the hide for a while and watch the rain on the lake, and family of ducks swimming around.

It was then a lot of not a lot until July. We had some bad news and decided to go out to a nearby town for an afternoon, rather than fester around the house – and what a good idea that was, as we got to chill outside a coffee shop watching some Morris dancers. It was such a lovely afternoon despite everything.

We’re also into food festival season, and I have managed to make it to a couple. I love them so much!

At the end of July we traveled to Norfolk for the funeral, and whilst we were there decided to go see Blickling Estate which was absolutely lovely. We’d seen the outside only with the person who passed back in February, as it was very close to closing when we stopped by, so it was really nice to revisit after and see what they loved about it.

Film and TV-wise, I haven’t really watched anything new. I did stumble across a show on Netflix called Kotaro Lives Alone – and it was perfect for how I was feeling, I fell completely in love with it. I also finally watched the newest series of Somebody Feed Phil. I adore the show so much, it feels so wholesome – a vibe I have need this month.

What was your favourite read of June or July – did you do everything you wanted to?


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