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Total Bollix Bookclub // February

Hello! I’ve teamed up with LadetteM, BombadilsBookishThings, AbiOfPellinor, and StuffCelineDoes and we’ve created Total Bollix Bookclub!!

bollix [verb]

clutter, mishmash

Each month one of us will host a live discussion on YouTube, where we each bring at least one recommendation based on the months prompt. We’ll also often have a guest join us with their recommendations too!

You can find our schedule / tracker here 👈

This Months Details

Reading Prompt: Middle Grades
Any middle grade book – no defined genre etc. to stick to

Discussion Date: 26th Feb, 7pm GMT

Channel: Me! @TheBookwormsFeast 👈

Guest: Bekka @TheBookSanctum

My Choice

There’s just one week to go until the live, and I’ve chosen to read Murder at the Museum by Alasdair Beckett-King.

This has been on my radar for months – its a new release this month and by a debut author. But Alistair is already known to me through his standup and YouTube videos – I adore his humour, and cannot wait to get stuck in!


A brilliantly funny young murder mystery from a rising stand-up comedian, podcaster and filmmaker – and exciting new talent in children’s fiction.

Many people go their whole lives without noticing anything that is afoot, amiss, or even untoward; without ever experiencing that toe-tingling, stomach-twisting sensation that a mystery is about to unfold.

Not Bonnie Montgomery – the world’s best detective. Not that anyone (other than Grampa Banks) has heard of her… But they might have heard of the great Montgomery Bonbon, the well-dressed gentleman detective who (apart from the hat and moustache) looks suspiciously like a 10-year-old girl.

Their newest case: solving the mystery surrounding a highly suspicious death at the Hornville Museum. Together they’ll interview some dodgy witnesses, scour the scene for clues and – above all – hope no one notices that Bonnie and Montgomery are never in the same room at the same time…

What book would you have picked?

And if you’d like to catch up on last months live (out first one!) You can watch it here 👈 on the wonderful Abi’s channel. The theme was Quick Reads, and my choice was Lore Olympus Volume One.


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