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orilium year two: spring // magical readathon tbr

Aah, it’s here again!! Time has flown! G @bookroast‘s magical readathon has been so much fun so far, and it always feels like a treat when they roll back around.

The premise is that we’re all attending a floating magical academy, Orilium, and we will read books to complete our exams for our chosen callings (i.e. degree). The exams happen in April and August each year, and what calling you choose in April, will also be the same for August – with August’s prompt list being a bit more challenging volume-wise.

Last year I chose demonologist and will be continuing with this path to become an apprentice.

For this year’s April prompts, this calling has 6 to complete.

Spirit Binding Spells | Recommended by a friend

I’ve tried a couple of times to read The Secret History by Donna Tartt, always while I’m slumping and it’s not pulled me out… But I have high hopes of loving it (curse mood reading) – and Tamara @enviereads loves it! I’m hoping to buddy read (at last!) with Celine @StuffCelineDoes. Wish us luck!!

Type: Impersonators | Book compared to your favourite

Another I’ve tried to read previously – I’m hoping to finally pick up The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. I feel like it’s usually held up by The Name of the Wind – so should fit this prompt nicely!

Elemental Studies
Botanic Controls | Flowers on the cover

Belladonna by Adalyn Grace has been staring at me from my shelves since it released. The cover is so damn gorgeous!! And I’ve seen Foxglove is on the way, and also looks amaze!!! I should get on it.

Spells and Incantations
Spell: Magic Missiles | Target length: 389-415 pages

This one has been chosen a little more randomly, but looks to fit the page count, and was a book of the month at my local independent recently! I’ll be picking up The Witches of Vardø by Anya Bergman.

The Legend of Dia | Book with a map

There seems to be a theme for me this round… Another one I’ve put off for so damn long! I’ve chosen Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb. How have I not read any Hobb yet!? It should also double up for Total Bollix.

Form: Wolf | Wolf on the cover, titile, authors name.

One I’ve become dubious of, after Hannah @LadetteM didn’t enjoy it – but maybe I’ll love it! Who knows haha. I’m picking up For the Wolf by Hannah Whitten.

Are you participating? What books would you have picked – as the mood reader may strike again and this totally change 😂


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