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20 Questions Book Tag

Hello! It’s been so long since I’ve done a tag – so lets use it as a get to know me.

Ask Me Anything!

Also, hey – I said I was coming back and then basically ran away again… the house move caught back up with me and then work. But, I’m going to attempt again to return!

The wonderful Fleur @ Fleur is reading again tagged me in the 20 Questions Book Tag. Thank you so much Fleur! I adored reading your answers.

And here we go!

1. How many books are too many for a series?

I’m terrible at finishing series, so I’ve actually been loving duologies a lot more lately. I do hate to leave worlds, but the commitment when there are so SO many books on my TBR is a lot and off putting at times. Three is maybe my limit nowadays.

2. How do you feel about cliff-hangers?

Urgh, they are the worst, but give me all of them! Keep me guessing, keep me hanging, give me all the anguish please.

3. Hardcover or paperback?

I do tend to buy hardcovers, as I prefer their look on a shelf, but paperback are so much nicer to read. Maybe paperbacks.

4. Favourite book?

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. It’s so beautiful! The Starless Sea does give it a run for its money though, and I have reread The Nevernight Chronicles way more. It’s hard to choose.

5. Least favourite book?

Gosh. Urm, quickly looks on Goodreads – The Communist Manifesto. I read it as part of Penguin’s Classics Challenge a few years back. Apparenly I gave it one star.

6. Love triangles, yes or no?


7. The most recent book you couldn’t finish?

It has been so long! There’s probably a few I let slide though and then picked up again like a month later.

8. A book you’re currently reading?

I’ve literally just finished City of Brass – loved it. I’m also reading

  • The Lies of Lock Lamora
  • Ravensong
  • Foundryside

9. Last book you recommended to someone?

Probably Nevernight

10. Oldest book you’ve read by publication date?

Checks Goodreads again – A Midsummer Nights Dream, Shakespeare. 1595

11. Newest book you’ve read by publication date?

The Thursday Murder Club, Richard Osman. Last month

12. Favourite author?

I cannot pick one.

  • Erin Morgenstern
  • Jay Kristoff
  • Patrick Rothfuss
  • Victoria Schwab

13. Buying books or borrowing books?

Buying – I’m a book hoarder. Let me keep them haha.

14. A book you dislike that everyone seems to love?

Shadowhunters – but maybe its my age of reading them.

15. Bookmarks or dog-ears?

Bookmarks – but I tend to just use memory to be honest.

16. A book you can always reread?

See favourite book + Pride and Prejudice.

17. Can you read while listening to music?

Absolutely not. But I do like ambient noise – its starting to get I can’t read without it. But it has to be so quiet and it cannot be busy or have voices.

18. One POV or multiple?

Multiple for me. I love the different perspectives – but sometimes it suffers depth of character. If done well it is absolutely amazing and my fave.

19. Do you read a book in one sitting or over multiple days?

One sitting if I can, but life is usually too busy.

20. Who do you tag?

I am so out of the loop right now – if you want to do it, please go ahead! And do tag me, as I’d love to read your answers.


6 responses to “20 Questions Book Tag”

  1. Writing With Neveah Hor avatar
    Writing With Neveah Hor

    Love your answers! May I know how you add that pretty signature of yours at the end of your blog posts?😭✨🤩

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! And I wrote my name in Photoshop and saved it with no background. Now I just insert the image (when I remember 😂) and it blends in 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Writing With Neveah Hor avatar
        Writing With Neveah Hor

        Ooh, cool!


  2. Fleur @ Fleur is reading again avatar
    Fleur @ Fleur is reading again

    I totally agree, hardcovers look so good on bookshelves but they’re actually kind of uncomfortable to hold! Paperbacks are so comfy. 😁
    Loved reading your answers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They really are! 😂 And thanks for the tag! 🖤

      Liked by 1 person

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