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gothtober + october wrap up // november tbr

October has been amazing! Probably my best month for reading of 2021. Gothtober hosted by Hannah, Olivia, and Tish has been an absolute blast to take part in, and I’m already excited about next year! I also managed to squeeze in a few other reads on top of completing the prompts for the demon board – including my accidental tradition of rereading The Haunting of Hill House each October.

A new favourite from the month is Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand – it had me totally hooked, and it felt like so much was going on and I couldn’t wait for the next revelation. Another I’ll probably reread time and time again is The Woman in Black by Susan Hill – the book was pure vibes and absolutely perfect for this time of year! I also need to restart the tradition of telling ghost stories on Christmas Eve.

october books

books finished

[carried over from last month]

◍ the atlas six – olivie blake // 📖 // ★★★★


◍ dracula – bram stoker // 🎧 // ★★★★

◍ carmilla – j. sheridan lefanu // 📱 // ★★★★

◍ ruinsong – julia ember // 📖 // ★★★★☆

◍ get a life, chloe brown – talia hibbert // 📱 // ★★★★★

◍ good omens – terry prachett and neil gaiman // 🎧 // ★★★★★

◍ norse mythology – neil gaiman // 🎧 // ★★★★★

◍ the only good indians – stephen graham jones // 📱 // ★★★

◍ sawkill girls – clare legrand // 📖 // ★★★★★

◍ tell tale heart – edgar allan poe // 🎧 // ★★★★

[other reads]

◍ the haunting of hill house – shirley jackson // 🎧 // ★★★★★

◍ dark tide – mark lawrence // 📱 // ★★★★★

◍ the woman in black – susan hill // 📱 // ★★★★★

books dnf’d

◍ loch of the dead – oscar de muriel // just ran out of month

november tbr

readathons and book clubs

feast on your tbr // hosted on instagram, the book pick for november is the secret history

bevvies and bookclub // prompt for november is mulled cider and a cosy read, live stream 28th november

the bookwanderers // trick or treat readathon enters its final month, so I’ll be making my last push to complete it and reading the group read threadneedle

the literary society // november’s book is rebecca by daphne du maurier

the bloody blades // closed bookclub, currently reading the grey bastards

What was your favourite read of November – did you read everything you wanted to?


4 responses to “gothtober + october wrap up // november tbr”

  1. Wow, you really had a great reading month! I’m glad you also enjoyed Dracula and Norse Mythology! I also listened to the audiobook of the latter, and Neil Gaiman could read out aloud anything, it would be interesting. 😂
    Hope you have a similarly great November!

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    1. Oh defintely!!! I hadn’t heard Neil read anything aloud before, but I definitely need more 😍 and thank you 🥰 I hope you have a good one too!

      Liked by 1 person

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